Newest Release

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney: Issue 3

by David Doub (Author), Irene Koh (Illustrator), Joamette Gil (Illustrator)

Mystery lurks within the fogs of Victorian London. As a reporter for the London Times it is the job of one Miss Harriet Tilney to discover those secrets no matter where they lead. Beowulf Harwood is a world traveling adventurer who's been accused of a horrific crime he did not commit. With his companion, Dr. Plum he must find out who has framed him for a series of horrific murders. It is on the trail of these crimes that the paths of Lord Harwood and Miss Tilney meet. What secrets will they find? What secrets do they hide? Where will the trail lead? Or is this mystery too big for them all together?

Discover just how deep the mystery goes in the newly released third volume in this grand, supernatural mystery of the Victorian age. Even as Lord Harwood is under suspicion; little does anyone know what secrets Miss Tilney might be hiding. Can they discover the evil that stalks the streets of London before their own secrets catch up to them?


History is filled with dark and nefarious things. Read about the things that go bump in the night, the lore, and the lore that haunt our past. Be transported to fantastical world of superstition, paranormal, and the otherworldly with our series of articles by our own Bekah June. 


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