David Doub - Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

David Doub is the prolific man and mastermind behind Dusk Publishing. He resides in Texas, where the weather is hot but David’s comic book Dusk is hotter. He works to promote many other creators, bringing to life an assortment of comic books in various genres. He is the head writer of several works and Dusk Comics’ flagship vampire themed comic book and namesake Dusk. His personal goal is to create good comic book storylines that captivate the audience, making them come back for more.

David also organizes many events in his community, including Creative Women's Conference. He works with other leaders in his local creative community to foster new talents and create a support network for his local creative types.

Jerry Gonzales III - Austin, TX

Jerry’s art can be described as very ‘manga’ with an American visual storytelling style. His first published work was with Antarctic Press's Gold Digger Annual. He later joined the creative team for Dusk Comics as a penciler and inker, and has worked on’ Dusk (Volumes  1, 2, & 3), ‘Mystery Masque’, and ‘Legend of Black Sarah’. 

You can either find Jerry  at his art table where he works hard to make his deadlines... or he's watching another Doctor Who marathon (don't judge).

Sean Carner - Rochester, NY

Sean loves drawing comics. The suitcases full of superhero drawings sitting in his parents' house stand as a testament. After working on a couple issues of a Scottish fantasy story in high school that ultimately never got off the ground, he decided to attend college for a major in Illustration. Disappointment at the severe lack of comics drawing eventually led him to leave the program. He instead shifted his degree to New Media Design and focused on his own webcomic whenever he could escape doing class work. Professional web development has been paying the bills since graduation, but that need to do comics is still there. Biding its time. Waiting. Watching. And apparently working on drawing a demon car chase short story when there's a spare moment.

Joamette Gil - Olympia, WA

Joamette became involved in the comics industry soon after graduating from The Evergreen State College; working as a freelance artist, letterer, graphic designer, and layout editor for Dusk Comics. To date, her artwork can be found in DUSKVol. 3, lettering in DUSK Vols 2 & 3 and The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney. Her first work with a major publisher was the anthology piece “Margarite and Leopold” in Womanthology: Heroic. The six-page story was scripted by Gil and illustrated by Katie Shanahan. Joamette also launched her webcomic Blackbirds in November of 2010. Two short months after, she founded the Olympia Comics Collective, a group for cartoonists, artists, and comics writers local to Olympia, WA, to network, collaborate, and promote the comics medium. Since its inception, the collective has published two anthologies with a third on the way. Coming from a Cuban-American/mixed race family and growing up in south Florida, her often features themes social inequality and self-empowerment.

Danielle Alexis St. Pierre - Ft. Worth, TX

Danielle was first introduced to comics as a little girl through Saturday morning cartoons. She was really into the X-Men animated series, and couldn't get enough of it so she started collecting Marvel comics like Uncanny X-Men and Generation X, she’s also a huge fan of Tim Burton. Danielle is a self-taught artist.  She is the colorist for Dusk Comic's ‘Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney’ mini-series (and she also is the penciller for the flashback pages in Tilney) and the ongoing colorist for Drumfish Productions ‘Neverminds’. In the past I have also done colors for Dusk comic's ‘Legend of Black Sarah’, Daniel Karhunen's ‘Wolalina’ and ‘Snowmanilas’ and guest colors for Tribunal Publications's ‘Valor’, and countless other projects; including one she just wrapped up in collaboration with another artist for the NY Times.

Sarah Elkins -  Lampasas, TX

Sarah has been working in comics since 2008 when she earned her Associates of Arts from Central Texas College. As a flatter she has worked on numerous comics including Husk, Wonder Woman. As an inker she worked on ‘A Bird in the Hat’ with Amy Stroffolino, and for the Womanthology project. Recently she began posting her webcomic Paragon Ketch online. She has also had her work published in various annuals by Antarctic Press. She worked on pencils, inks, and flatting for ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney.’

Johan Hoff - Stockholm, Sweden

Johan has been reading comics and making his own since he was very little. It started with pure superhero stuff inspired by the Marvel titles and has gradually turned into more original and, as he puts it "artsy fartsy" content. Johan previously worked with David Doub on the short story ‘NightGate’ and the ongoing ‘DeadEnd’ project, and has now released ‘Fullmoon Stories’ through Dusk Comics which features all his own artwork and stories. He is currently working on what he describes as a “very existential and surreal tale” called ‘distance and time’.  Johan feels that making comics has become an important part of his life; he thinks it is a perfect way to relax and channel emotions and ideas.