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Hell's Gate: Awakening

Book One in the Trilogy
by C.A. Greyson

From author C.A. Greyson comes the first book in a new legend: Adopted from Tokyo as a young girl, Celeste moves to the United States to begin a happy life with her new family. But as she grows into a woman, she quickly discovers that something else has come with her. Something dark. As a girl, she remembered vivid details of connecting with the world that existed beyond our own- a vast spirit realm that exists in our world and another. After years of therapy, Celeste convinces herself that it was simply the product of a young girl's imagination...That is until everyone that she holds dear either disappears or dies a slow, painful death. Again. What has her family been keeping from her? Why have there been murders of women that look just like her in the small, Mayberry-like city of Richardson? The truth of her past is clawing beneath the surface, and once it breaks free, the world will never be the same. With allies by her side and enemies at her heels, Celeste must fight her way through the secrets and lies that pave the roads of the world’s future.


History is filled with dark and nefarious things. Read about the things that go bump in the night, the lore, and the lore that haunt our past. Be transported to fantastical world of superstition, paranormal, and the otherworldly with our series of articles by our own Bekah June. 


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