Eliamaria M. Crawford is the quirky, lovable owner and artist of Elia in a Box. What started as an inside joke-comic strips amongst friends turned into a wonderful glimpse into a life filled with friends, laughs, and comics. 

She is the Author of Humans Really Irritate Me



Bekah June is a Victorian Occultist and Horror Author. Her unrequited love with all things dark, macabre, and paranormal has led to her passionate study of Occult history.

​She is the Author of Turning the Table, Co-Author of Dusk: The Novel, and writer of our series about Dark Lore.




C.A. Greyson is a creative for Dusk Publishing. She writes, and illustrates comic books as well as creates audiobooks and novels. She runs a weekly comic strip on her website, www.cagreyson.com, as well as a monthly podcast covering her specialty: East vs. West geekdom. Her influences growing up were books, comics, and manga. She had a huge affinity for culture, folklore, and the dark side. Currently residing in the heart of Dallas, she finds solace riding her motorcycle and visiting local bistros, cafes, and shopping for her two lovable floofs Owlbie and Nova - a fancy rat and albino dumbo rat!

She is the author of Hell's Gate: Awakening.